Due to its unique structure, NUMU is the only mattress meeting the breathing safety requirements of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). NUMU net mattress (Nettress) provides for easy and safe breathing, enabling air to freely flow through it in any direction and allowing carbon dioxide to evaporate with utmost efficiency.

Prevention of overheating and sweating

As NUMU Nettress is made from a mesh that enables free ventilation, it prevents sweating and overheating – common among infants and provides a pleasant and airy environment even in hot climates or during winter periods when the room is heated.


NUMU Nettress is made from a material manufactured with an innovative and proprietary technology. The taut mesh fabric maintains elasticity while providing optimal support for the baby’s body resulting in unique orthopedic features adapted to the infant during the first years of its development.

Especially suitable for babies with asthmatic and allergic sensitivities

NUMU Nettress provides a hygienic sleep environment, which reduces risk factors for asthma and allergy. Sleeping on a NUMU mattress eases breathing during respiratory infections and makes it possible even for the most sensitive babies to sleep calmly and quietly.

Safe environment

Another important advantage is its solution for the seepage of fluids (such as regurgitated food or saliva) preventing their accumulation under the baby’s head, thereby eliminating any possibility of aspiration. In addition, NUMU is the only mattress that does not contain flame retardants, which are known to be carcinogenic and hazardous.

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