Dr. Vered Nachmias

Pediatrician and Children Gastroenterologist

“The idea of a ‘perforated’ and ‘breathing’ mattress covered by a similar ‘perforated’ and ‘breathing’ sheet, which can allow the baby to sleep on its stomach without worrying that its face will be pushed against the mattress, gives me – a mother and a pediatrician, peace of mind.”

From the “Baby and Toddler Health Handbook”

Useful information for the Mother & Baby Center staff)

“Using a mattress made from a net surface allows free flow of air. The net surface prevents accumulation of carbon dioxide near the baby’s head, a particularly important feature in situations where there is repeated breathing of the air, such as when lying on the stomach or when the head is covered by a blanket.”

Dr. Daniel Carline

Orthopedic Specialist, Hillel Yafe Hospital

“Using the mattress, I started noticing and appreciating the additional aspects of the mattress, especially the combination of stable support for the baby’s body provided by the mattress and its ability to adjust itself to the baby’s body.”