It all began with two preemies / Shlomo’s story

In early 2001, our preemie twins came to the world – a boy and a girl, and after three tumultuous months in the NICU we were finally home. Happy on the one hand but worried and anxious on the other. our most precious treasure was now in a safe place. Really?

I began by reading many articles, and consulted many experts .. Most agreed on two issues: the baby on it’s stomach for enhancing motoric development; but in order to prevent SIDS it should be put to sleep on its back .. So, what are we supposed to do?

One wintry day we covered the baby girl with a blanket and turned the radiator on. In the morning we noticed that she was not eating and acted apathetic. After a brief examination, the pediatrician’s verdict was: “you overcooked the girl”. We were told: “pay attention, the mattress is covered with an oilcloth, which is like nylon, and together with the blanket they create the greenhouse effect”.

For our son, who was diagnosed at an early stage with a developmental delay, the doctors recommended spending as much time as possible on his stomach, under our supervision. One day, after he had learned how to turn over on his own, we heard noise and wheezing sounds. We found him on his stomach in bed with his face in a puddle of mucus with significant breathing problems.having trouble breathing.

This is how NUMU was born.

After returning home and dealing with all these problems I kept looking for the ultimate mattress for my babies.
One night, staring at the science channel, I noted an African tribe woman carrying a perforated sack on her back in which she carried her newborn baby, who was breathing freely through the tiny holes. I went to bed having this picture engraved in my mind, and in the morning, I told my wife that instead of looking for state-of-the-art technology I found the answer way back in time.

A few days later, I bumped into Dr. Avner Goren, a Pediatrician and specialist in pediatric allergy. H immediately asked me for a sample of the mattress for a baby suffering from asthma, The positive results impressed him and during the next two years Dr. Goren lead a series of studies on this mattress involving house dust mites, ventilation and carbon dioxide rebreathing, temperature regulation, orthopedics and sterilization.

Since then, more than 60,000 babies have slept on the mattress and tens of thousands of parents have peace of mind.

Shlomo Abadi

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